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2.2Offshore Company

We help setting-up Offshore Company in following countries:

  • British Virgin Island

  • Samoa

  • Cayman Island

Two ways to set up an offshore company:

  • Incorporating a new company or;

  • Acquiring an existing company (Shelf company)

  • Incorporating a new company:

    You can choose a name for the company
    The whole process will be longer than acquiring an existing company

  • Acquiring an existing company:

    Choosing an existing company from the list of shelf companies which have not commenced business.
    The whole process will be shorter than incorporating a new company

Advantages of setting-up an offshore company:

  • Some countries do not require to publish the details of shareholders and directors

  • Some countries do not require audited financial statements, offshore company only needs to pay annual license fee and professional services fee

  • Some countries exempt the tax on the profits derived from outside the country.

Requirements of setting up an offshore company:

  • At least one shareholder and director (18 years old or above, no nationality and residence restrictions), shareholder may concurrently serve as director.

  • At least US$1 issued share capital

  • Company name cannot be the same or too similar with existing companies' name.

Our services:

  • Check the availability of company name (applicable to incorporating a new company)

  • Apply Certificates of Incorporation

  • Prepare 1 Company Kit Box

  • Prepare the Memorandum & Articles of Association

  • Prepare 1 common seal, 1 company signature chop & 1 company round chop

  • Prepare 1 share certificates book & 1 record book

  • Filing information of shareholders and directors

  • Prepare the drafted minutes of the Directors' meeting for opening company bank account

  • Prepare documents for opening bank account

  • Assist in opening bank account

  • Register of members, directors or etc.


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